America’s Secret Island




AMERICA’S SECRET ISLAND – and other military bases.


It was 1977. I had just returned from Freeport, Grand Bahama, to Nassau on New Providence Island. My friends, Dominique and Jacqueline, had decided to visit San Salvador, where Christopher Columbus allegedly landed in 1492.


A hurricane was expected. It had just struck Haiti to the south. We had an evening meal with the acting President of Bacardi rum company, a Cuban who had fled from Castro. The hurricane did not materialise. My friends departed from San Salvador. I remained in Nassau, where I mentioned that I might visit and investigate the island of Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas, to the west of New Providence Island. I heard rumours of submarines sighted in the waters between the two islands. I was approached by an elderly British gentleman who advised, warned, me not to go to Andros. There was nothing there, he said. Years later, I suspected that he was, or had been, a member of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service. The scene was set.


I describe the flora, fauna, history and people of Andros. Until fairly recently, the island had not been penetrated. It was – still is – a mystery island, covered with jungles.


There is a brief history of the Bahamas’ politics, including the charismatic Lynden Pindling, and American interference in his election campaign.


I then reveal the existence of a US-UK-NATO submarine base on Andros, established in 1963. I describe in detail all the facilities on Andros, used mainly by the Americans, although British personnel, including submarines, visit the base, not generally known or reported in Great Britain. Mention is made of Paradise Island, adjacent to Nassau, where entertainment is provided for personnel stationed in Andros. Paradise Island was developed by the mafia, with assistance from former President Nixon.


The next chapter details SOSUS, the underwater anti-submarine detection system, connected, in the Atlantic Ocean, to West Wales, the Azores, Bermuda and Andros. Like the base on Andros, SOSUS is rarely, if ever, reported in the British media. Who knows of its base in West Wales? Very few.


Of the US/UK global submarine surveillance system, Andros includes one of the larget sea-bottom arrays.


In 1996, Gene Wheaton asserts that US covert operations are located on Andros. Richard Rashke says that Andros was (is?) used for training recruits in counter-insurgency, torture and assassinations. Jonathan Kwitry says that Andros was used, as a base for anti-Castro operations by the CIA.


On the “Above Top Secret” website, a number of participants, who claim to work or have worked in the base on Andros claim that there is absolute security. Nosy parkers are not welcome! Just like Area 51.


Is Andros, and the base, similar to Area 51 in Nevada, and Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean? I briefly trace the development of these sites, based largely on two articles which I previously wrote in the Socialist Standard. I conclude that all three are military-intelligence bases, and that there are both similarities and differences. Discuss.